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This is our home, these are our people

I read an article in the Sunday Courier-Journal newspaper today that was hard to read; but I made myself read it, all the way to the end.  It took more time than it should have, partly because of frequent stops to go back and reread sections that were especially compelling.  I have a feeling that I will return to read it again.

(And, yes, I do, in fact, receive and actually read an honest-to-goodness-printed-on-paper newspaper every day.  For you youngsters who don’t know what that is, I’ll have to explain another time.)

“Knowing Eastern Kentucky Statistics Can’t Tell the Story of a People, a Culture, a History” is the title.

Rock Fork home

This was home for my brothers and I when we lived in Rock Fork on Howard Branch. L to R: Kenny, Bobby, Eddie.

It was reprinted from a blog called “A Country Boy Can Surmise” by author Silas House who is from Rockhouse Creek in Leslie County, Kentucky. He is also the NEH Chair in Appalachian Studies at Berea College.  (I’ll share a link to the complete article in his blog for those who wish to read it. It’s rather long, but well worth the reading. I recommend it.)

I like to think of myself a writer, of sorts, and I derive a great deal of pleasure from writing, mostly about my people and my family history.  That’s the rationale for the contributions I make to this blog, though much too infrequently, I must admit.

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