About me

I am Kenneth Ray Baldridge.

I am the oldest son of Rudolph Baldridge and Azlee Workman.

I am the grandson of Fair Baldridge and Rebecca Reed.

I am the grandson of Henry Workman and Ollie Combs.

And I have been far too long trying to decide what to do with this family history thing.

Of course, my primary research interests are the Baldridge and Reed families of my father as well as my mother’s Workman and Combs families. Another important surname on my father’s side is Moore. In my mother’s family the Singleton surname of her paternal grandmother is one that has shown promise.

However, unlike traditional genealogy, I am not inclined to restrict my research focus by lineage or direct descent. I am far more interested in compelling stories than in making “by blood or by marriage” distinctions. This accounts for the significant number of Howards and Hicks, Osbornes and Haywoods, Gibsons, Gearhearts, and Clicks among the population I claim as family. One might even anticipate encountering assorted Murphys, Wells, Applegates and Barretts from my wife’s family in the mix, too.


A Necessary Disclaimer
Though my family history research is publicly accessible, any and all rights
associated with original stories and other content I have created must remain
with me. For purposes other than strictly personal use, permission may and
should be requested.
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